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>>> you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. >>> there are people who say they saw it a person in ann arund especially county plows -- anne arundel county plows into two teens and keeps driving. what police have to say. where do they go now that's what some families in rosedale are trying to figure out after a fire destroys their home. your coworker might be grouchy not because it's monday but because it's tax day. ways to ease the pain or maybe your coworker is grouchy because they were in mexico. >> reporter: we are grouchy because she didn't bring the sunshine. >> i am sorry. >> hopefully we don't have to look that far down the road. >> i am megan sprinkle charley crowson off. lynette charles joins us from mexico and we have lauren cook with the roads. >> we have a crash in anne arundel county but it's calm commute. hopefully it stays that way. >> we will see. we have the wet weather. things are dying down a bit but will pick back up another wave is coming through. we look at maryland's most powerful radar and things are bre
, mary. all afternoon ada may has been reaching out to marathoners from maryland who found themselves at the center. adam? >> reporter: hundreds of people from maryland were running in the race or cheering on their friends and family and some were close to the finish line and witnessed the attack. two explosions within seconds of each other at the start of the boston marathon turned one of the most celebrated races in the country into a scene of cashage. 448 runners from maryland took part in the race. that includes peter pulley began from -- mulligan from canton. >> i heard the explosions. at first i thought it was like a big giant truck caught fire or something. >> reporter: mary hasler from hartford county was just down the street. she was cheering on her daughter running her first marathon. >> we were waiting for her to come, because based on her time she should be turning the corner. we heard the first explosion. we looked at each other and like, that's an explosion. then there's a second one that followed. it was right where we were. we just walked down in the park area and sta
: mary, these changes will force med spas across maryland to either clean up or close down. >> reporter: hula witherspoon went in for a simple liposuction, but left this now shut down timonium med spa with a serious infection that claimed her life. >> the worst thing that could possibly happen to anyone. so unexpected am. >> reporter: now, one year later, officials plan a crackdown on cosmetic surgery centers. >> what we're going to do is identify which are those riskier places. >> the new regulations, still under development, will affect a loosely growing agency. >> insurance companies and medicare have a lot of quality standards that they may apply to an ambulatory center. but those really don't come into play, when someone is paying out of pocket. >> reporter: it won't be the only affected but it is the most popular. more than a quarter million are safely performed in the u.s. in a year. >> i am much more comfortable doing that. >> reporter: but the quest for the perfect body doesn't always come as planned. >> she just didn't deserve to die like that. >> the important thing to rememb
will be scooped up and pushed into maryland. not as hot as last week but mild with a southerly wind. there is a cold front out west over the ohio valley. this will sit there. it is called a stationary front. it could bring waves of showers and a thunderstorm over the next several days. we know it will be mild. we know it will be cloudy. each afternoon tuesday and wednesday, thursday and friday could feature a late day showers and thunderstorms. clouds tomorrow afternoon. not forecasting rain. isolated shower across the state. watch tuesday and wednesday. this could trigger a scattered shower or thunderstorm. it is the exception rather than the rule over the next several days. know unsettled this week compared to last week. 51 in town. maryland is head lining coverage. so comfortable with temperatures in the 50s. tomorrow we'll call it 65 with variable cloudiness. monday night 54 with a shower threat. seven-day forecast we are back up in the 70s on tuesday. late day shower or thunderstorm. wednesday 75. late did shower and thunderstorm. thursday is late day shower and thunderstorm. y
that amount along with your exemption. state comptroller offer some last minute tax help in the maryland department of general services. segment, the talk about the help they can provide. >> we are not the irs. we will bend over backwards. we will absolutely try to be sympathetic to maryland families to have tough economic challenges. >> maryland sends out $2 billion in tax refunds every year. most to file online receive a return within three business days. starting july 1st, attend jurisdictions will begin collecting a new storm water remediation a fee. other counties are set to meet and vote this week. the fee will pay for storm water runoff and cleaning up the bay. churches and nonprofits will also pay, a surprise to the archdiocese in baltimore estimating some will pay $15,000 per year more due to the feet. >> we have 200 sites and 80 programs through the state. the cumulative effect of the taxes very enormous and burdensome on us. it's not like we have customers and consumers to this tax can be passed on to. >> to read more about the new storm water fee and what it might be, visit o
. michael shannon says his wife had a drinking problem, something she denies. maryland police records show she was charged with assaulting her husband and placed on probation. as part of that probation, she was ordered to undergo treatment at an alcohol and drug rehabilitation center. >> at one time, i had to take him to the hospital. she came in there drunk and try today remove him from the hospital and they called social services and did an investigation. >> the couple separated. michael taking custody of adam. nirmine could visit, but michael insisted a third party be present. >> her anger had to be controlled. >> the situation did get better. and michael shannon and irmine briefly reconciled resulting in the birth of another son. >> hey, patty cake boy. >> jason, born in january of 2001. kbu the relationship fell apart again. adam would live with the shannons, jason would live with nirmine. no one was happy. what michael shannon didn't realize was that nirmine and her mother were plotting to change everything. >> i remember when the time came where they had asked, well, would it be oka
. >>> running in the boston marathon, many from here in maryland. this morning adam may reports they found themselves in the center of the nightmare. >> reporter: good morning. hundreds of people from maryland were participating in the race or watching their friends and family take part in it. some were extremely close to the finish line when the attack happened. two explosions within seconds of each other at the finish line of the boston marathon turned one of the most celebrated races in the country into a scene of carnage. 448 runners from maryland including 59 from baltimore took part in the race including peter mulligan from canton. >> i heard the explosions at first but i thought it was like a big giant truck back firing or something. mary haskell was down the street. >> it was horrible. >> reporter: she was cheering on her daughter running the first marathon. >> we were waiting for her to come. we knew based on her time she should turn the corner. we heard the first explosion and we looked at each other and we were like that is an explosion. then a second one that followed right whe
to baltimore. several people from maryland were running in the race and their families have spent the afternoon trying to find them the. >> reporter: 4438 marylanders -- 4438 marylanders -- 448 marylanders registered to run the boston marathon. we went through the list. it appears 40 marylanders did not finish the race but we did find some recognizable names getting across the finish line safely. among them we found an emergency room doctor with the university of maryland medical strd -- center. wade gash finished in four hours and 30 minutes. a former member of the towson cross tun team -- country team ran. rob san tone nirks the owner of san tony supermarket finished the race and is heading back to baltimore shaken up. many were part of the howard county striders group. they're all okay, and the falls road running club that went to boston are also all accounted for. you can track the runners using the tool if you're looking for information on loved one unless the race, concerned about their well-being, the red cross has set up a website on their page. a lot of people are trying to ac
. but was told to sit on the side lines because she was pregnant. now her case is changing maryland law. >> do you want to get on the swing? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: peggy young delivering letters and packages for ups in 2006 when she became pregnant with trinity. she want to the company nurse. she said go become to doctor. get a note with restrictions. when she brought in the note recommending she not lift more than 20 pound. she gate stunning response. >> they basically told me that, go home, we don't have anything you can do until you are no longer pregnant. you are a liability. >> despite her efforts, she was not allowed to return to work until after trinity was born. she lost her pay and health insurance and couldn't get unemployment. >> i was willing to work. i was willing to do my regular job. they wouldn't let me. >> she felt what happened was not only wrong what illegal. she took her fight to court and lost. >> we shouldn't be made to choose between our job and having a child. sharon gustafson is young's attorney. >> so far the courts said that what ups did was not illegal. we believe
, what, when, why, how? all we know is where and what time. we came to the university of maryland law school. it is professor michael greene murder's job to look at this and he analyzes the his mechanics. we thought he would be a good person to offer perspective as to what may have happened in boston today. categorize this as a terrorist attack. >> no matter who did this, whether it's al qaeda or a u.s. citizen, this is a terror attack, a random, devastating act, perpetrated against innocent civilians. i have no doubt we will soon hear that someone who did this had some sort of grievance or cause. this is a classic terror attack, no matter who did it. when we first sat down with him tonight, it was unsettling because his first thoughts for wheat we were surprised we have not seen a terrorist attack like this in recent years. he said big cities like baltimore are always concerned about their stadium. so it can't in yards and a date drill constantly in and prepare for some areas like this and take steps to prevent some areas like this. have a lot more about that at 11:00. the other thin
. aimed at protecting marylanders, after a woman died, after getting liposuctioned. adam may is live with more on those changes. >> this these could force some med spas to either clean up or close down. >> reporter: hula witherspoon went in for a simple liposuction. but left the timonium med spa clinging to life. >> so unexpected. >> now, they plan a crackdown on cosmetic surgery centers. >> what we're going to be doing is identifying, which are those riskier cosmetic procedures. and we're going to be requiring that those be done in places that are ark credited and independented. -- inspected. >> popular because patients pay cash. >> they have a lot of quality standards that they may apply to an ambulatory procedure. but those really don't come into play when someone is paying out of pocket. >> reporter: it is one of the most popular. more than a quarter million are performed each year. >> i'm much more comfortable doing that. >> but the quest for the perfect body isn't always as planned. >> important to realize, though, nothing is perfect. no procedure is risk free. >> and it could
a drinking problem, something she denies. maryland police records show nermeen was charged with assaulting her husband and placed on probation. as parthat probation she was ordered to undergo treatment at an alcohol and drug rehabilitation center. >> and one time i had to take him to the hospital and she came in there drunk and tried to d. michael takgf adam.nermeenould >> finis you, adam. >> reporter: butnnon insisted a third party be prese. o father. >> adam, you ho open up your second gift. >> honestly, i felt like things started quieting down with my grandfather being there a lot, being the guardian, and nermeen couldn't do as much as she had done before. her drinking had to be controlled. you know, her anger had to be controlled because she did have a guardian there at all times. >> reporter: the situation did get better. and michael shannon and nermeen khalifa briefly reconciled, resulting in the birth of another son. >> jason. >> patty cake boy. >> reporter: jason. born in january of 2001. but the relationship fell apart again. within months the couple divorced. adam would live wit
is world famous. for runners a dream per 448 runners were from maryland. 59 of those registered runners list baltimore as som. other cities include annapolis, colombia, bellaire -- c olumbia, and bellaire. >> they are sponsored by local running stores, like the one behind me. he spent most of the afternoon trying to find out if their runners were safe and sound. boston after the marathon bombings, there were some tense moments at baltimore running stores. >> people are calling the store trying to find out what we know. >> her mom was one of the runners. in.her mom later called the >> we heard a loud boom. it sounded like a cannon. from where we were, all you could see was smoke. >> and other sponsors store, jim adams was relieved to learn most of the 20 or so of his runners or fast enough to cross the finish line before the bombs went off. >> we did have some folks were a little bit older. from what we have heard, they had not reached the area or they are ok. >> from boston to baltimore, this has hit town for a running community that was celebrating a race that is considered the super b
and about this morning. we look at maryland's most powerful radar and light rain is coming done across the area. as we head through the rest of the day we will see a drying out a a few peeks of sunshine but all in all make sure to take the rain gear as you step out and about. you can see the showers coming down in union bridge and heading into fred ring and carroll county wet weather along i-706789 sliding further to the south, of baltimore around anne arundel county around ferndale and grep haven and lake shore dealing with light rain showers across the area. and the last stop on the radar across the eastern shore, we can see around easton and cooks hope, light rain across the area. now the traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. we are off to a rany-- rany start but no delays-- rainy start but no delays on 95 in white marsh. 695 free from parkville to towson and heading over to the northwest corner, this is what it looks like at old court road. 7 minutes on the outer loop from 795 to 70. and as we head up to hunt valley, a live look at 83, at shawan road it will be nice
time. >> the governor believes there will help safeguard marylanders em falling prey to wait copycat theier. here's a live look of traffic on 695 and liberty road. things are moving smoothly right now. eggs, bacon, and pancakes. denny's everyday value slam® is four dollars every day. wait, is that right? eggs, bacon, pancakes. yeah. that's right. the four dollar everyday value slam®. only four dollars every day. only at denny's. >> state police have made an arrest. johnnygators say matthew her johnson was high on drugs when he hit and killed matthew hersl. >> we are deeply sarraute and hurting very badly over this tragedy. we don't want to see any of the family go through this. it has been brutal. >> police say the investigation revealed he had drugs in his system. the orioles will honor matthew hersl. somebody died at shock trauma. there were on mountain road on friday night. police all looking for the driver of the ford expedition. there may be some damage to the front passenger side. >> now weather and traffic together on the 1's. word of anting accident. southbound 95 right at
dead zone. maryland's legislature has created the surface tax. >> the surface tax would have an enormous impact. if you look at our daily bred, for example, the proposed fee would be $5,000. >> and that's just for this one property of catholic charities. the tax would also hit every church and non-profit roof and parking lot in 10 surrounding counties. fees would be imopposed on individual homes and driveway with the highest in baltimore city. from 48 to $144 a year depending on the home and driveway size and $72 for every 1,500 square feet of hard surfaces on businesses, private schools and non-profits. for those 200 catholic charity properties -- >> it's hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. >> reporter: the small guys are the ones that are going to get taxed. most of the money would go to help the big cities and counties to clean off the road off. i'm mike schuh reporting live. back to you. >> thank you. md aryland has set a deadline of july 1st for 10 counties and baltimore city to formally establish rain tax rates. >>> north korea says it has no intention of enterin
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. utility work in the weeds and area of maryland, georgia avenue at university boulevard, a couple lanes blocked. light volume. pennsylvania avenue, woodyard road, overnight construction. nih, on thea near southbound side, one lane getting by. in light volume. road eachcanal direction between arizona and the chain bridge. that should be done by 5:00. we are good on va 95 up to the beltway. back to you. >> thank you. inwant to get to new details monday's deadly bombing at the boston marathon. police are searching an apartment in a boston suburb. >> massachusetts state police will only tell us that a search warrant related to the investigation has been served. tahman bradley has a latest. >> this morning the city of boston is on heightened alert to 1124 hours after terror erupted. thousands were celebrating patriots' day and running the boston marathon when a few yards from the finish line at 2: 50 p.m. the first bomb exploded. >> multiple people down here. stand by. the whitensued among smoke. then another explosion seconds later. three people killed including an eight-year-old boy. more
street. thanks to the maryland state highway administration for tweeting the latest information, follow our handle, maryland traffic for alerts sent to you feed. 55 miles per hour, southbound lanes at the toll plaza, 54 miles per hour, on the jfx. southbound at ruxton road. to the beltway, the west side inner loop 54 miles per hour, here interstate 70. the outer loop is slowing down, it's not impacting the drive time. 12 minutes from 795 down to 95. conditions nice and clear, despite the rain, the inner loop clear down to 95, 11 minutes to travel from 95 up to 83. that's you time saver traffic report. >>> you've become accustomed about hearing shootings. this one is different. teenage girl shot dead by neighborhood boy, body buried underneath trash bags. the mother of the boys involved is covering it up. linda so is live to tell us the penalty the mom faces and one of things i found most disturbing, we heard this morning, one of the people we spoke to said she didn't care. >> reporter: yeah, veronica says her or monet's mother said that veronica looked like she didn't show remorse as sh
to control and what we need to pay attention to. >> tighten security is already in place for maryland. the stadium authority is partnering with homeland security to make camden yards as safe as possible during tonight's orioles game. we have the latest on the plan in place. >> people will see increased security at camden yards tonight. and everyone my notice extra security on public transportation and around town today. >> the orioles started a nine- game run tonight at camden yards. the game will be baltimore's biggest public gathering to follow the boston marathon. some security measures will be obvious, but some will also be going on behind the scenes. 11 news has also learned that 11 local police departments and state police are cooperating to evaluate other special events taking place and adjust accordingly. there have been no specific threat to the area, but the police commissioner elevated the security awareness level in the city, which means you'll notice more men in uniform, especially on buses, light rail, and train stations. >> you will see our officers in full gear. they w
.ifrom the maryland, pennsylvania state line, down to the beltway. that's a look at the time saver traffic, charlie, over to you. >>> our coverage continues of the explosion at the marathon. fbi now in charge of figuring out who is responsible for the attack. >>> consumer news, what you need to keep in mind, when renewing or buying a homeowner's insurance policy. good morning maryland continues in a few moments. wow, i've been claritin clear for 10 days! when your allergies start, doctors recommend taking one non-drowsy claritin every day during your allergy season for continuous relief. 18 days! 12 days! 24 days of continuous relief. live claritin clear. every day. condolences for the victims of the explosions are coming in from as far as the international space station. chris hatfield posted this photograph on twitter showing boston, he tweeted his crew heard what happened and wanted to pass condolences and thoughts along to everyone affected. >>> the explosions in boston putting cities on high alert, including 9 here in balti
. >> reporter: more than 400 marylanders were running that race in boston. hundreds more were there cheering them on. now it's been more than 24 hours. the reality of the situation is setting in for some of those folks. some of them were very close to the finish line when those blasts went off. >> what do you like about running? >> i like that it's an individual thing. >> she has been a competitive runner since her teens at towson track university. but memories of her first boston marathon, now tarnished by the terror attack. >> i felt very nauseous. i thought, oh, my god, that could have been me. i could have been one of the people injured or helping other people. everyim i see it on the news, it just brings back those memories, right there at the finish line, that i was there. >> reporter: in fact, megan left the area just minutes earlier. [ explosion ] when she and a friend heard the blast. >> we had just said goodbye. i had to get my flight. you could hear the explosions, the smoke. then a couple of second later, you hear it again. at first, you're like, they're celebrating the marathon,
a professor at the u.s. naval academy in annapolis, maryland. the use of history, ideology as a political weapon, which means the corruption of history as history. bush may or may not have been a great president. he may be considered average or below average, but the nation deserves better than this partisan rush to judgment. guest: one thing worth noting is that history does change a lot of times. people who are down in history can be judged later and have a renaissance. sometimes when history changes, world events change. perceptions of a president can change. 35% view george w. bush in a positive light. right now there seems to be a negative judgment, but it remains to be seen if it changes over time. certainly his political legacy is going to be front and center at this library being unveiled on thursday. host: he says he hopes that jeb bush runs for president. guest: that is what a good brother should always do. all indications are that jeb bush may be thinking about a al whether he decides to make a run is something we will find out later on. we have a lot of time before 2016. there
... new... state law r a vote ....equirre maryland'' ten llrgest juuisdictions... to o help educe ppllution... ttat flows... into the chesapeake...// in... baltimore county,... &pthose fees will cost &phomeowners... anywhere from ...18... to....36 dollars... on heir annual property... -& and... tteeaveeage commercial ffom... ,000... to 30,000 &pdollars.../ . homeowners, ...non-profits ... eepecced to ttend tooiggt's council voice pf the ddy. do you think theen - t help cleannup theebay? baltimore dot com .../ - telllus... whattyoo off... ttru... ffcebook.../. send... ...45-203..../ enter... p fox45a for yes.. // foo45b ffr o. we cootinue to follow breaking news out of boston...where several explosions have killed tto people and hurt 23 at the b piil have more on the possible 3pterroriss motives of this legislatton kicking oof about pwo weeks of often emotional 3 --adbllb weathee tz--- 3 (michaewhich makes it harderpd and harder for me to breathe. i have a tip for you: if your doctor gives you 5 years to live, spend it talkin
. and that is a maryland story that has national significance. this book is really the result of a team effort. there's no way that we could have had the illustrations in here and the maps without partnering with other people that helped to pay for it. because this book is full color all the way through. there's over 65 commissioned pieces of art in here that have never been done before, and you can imagine when you start to do that kind of thing, it really escalates the cost. so i would be remiss if i did not acknowledge the support that we got from the maryland war of 1812 commission and, also, the national park service chesapeake gateways program as well as private funding. without that this book would not have been possible, at least not in the way that you see it here today. the other thing that i want to make clear to everybody is that because it has been subsidized, the book only sells for $24.95. to get a book that's full color like that is pretty amazing. and the other thing that i'm really proud to tell you is that all of the profits from the book go to a restricted fund be that will be use
. >>> the police chief in boss stone announced officers from all over the country are helping including in maryland. >> we received offers from assistants from chicago, los angeles, units responded from new york city and baltimore. >> boston's police commissioner said all of the teams are working closely together to solve this complex case. >>> back at home, everyone in the baltimore area was urged to go about their day as usual. officials said there is no credible threat in our area. of course, everyone as always should stay vigilant. wjz has live complete coverage. it continues with derek valcourt with more on that. >> reporter: anyone downtown can expect to notice the difference in the city. there will be a lot more officers including bomb- sniffing dogs and officers armed and on patrol. city police beefing up the presence around some of baltimore's critical infrastructure including government buildings, landmarks and major events. the police commissioner announced the increased security at a news conference which he says he has been in touch with authorities. >> there are no credible threats to
maryland, mr. cummings, each will control 20 minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from california. mr. issa: thank you, mr. speaker. i ask unanimous consent that all members may have five legislative days within which to revise and extend their remarks and include extraneous materials on the bill under consideration. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. so ordered. mr. issa: mr. speaker, i yield myself such time as i may consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. issa: mr. speaker, as you know, the government accountability office is a legislative branch agency. that investigates how the federal government spends taxpayer dollars. often called the congressional watchdog, the g.a.o. investigates instances of waste, fraud and abuse in the federal government. my committee has direct jurisdiction over the g.a.o. congress must have current information on how federal programs are performing in order to both legislate and conduct meaningful oversight. the improvement act will enhance the g.a.o.'s ability to serve congress primarily by ensuring agencies have
provide. >> we are not the irs in maryland. we will try to be sympathetic to maryland families that have a tough economic challenges. >> maryland sends out $2 billion in tax refunds each year. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. if you're getting a tax refund this year, how will you be spending that extra money? you can share your response on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to looking for still the driver involved in a hit and run involving two teenagers. one remains at shock trauma. that is where kim dacey is live this morning. >> good morning. critical taken with injuries after the accident. police say he, a girl, and another teenager were walking in pasadena on friday night. investigators believe an suv hit two of them before speeding away. police are looking for a ford expedition. there could be damage to the front bumper and the hood. police do not have any information on the driver. the 15-year-old remains at shock trauma. the girl was released from johns hopkins children's center. people in the committee are hoping police will ca
your taxes. until midnight to file the federal tax returns. in virginia and maryland, state returns, you have a little while left, may 1. post offices will be open late tonight to handle all those last-minute filers. >> ago is expected this week on a bipartisan senate proposal to expand background checks for gun buyers. sponsors of the bill say the votes is to closeo to call. arizona republican john mccain says that a lot more needs to be done in the area of mental health. only three republican senators right now are expected to vote for the compromise bill. says thearco rubio proposed immigration bill will not offer amnesty proposed who entered the country illegally. the florida republican says there will be consequences of having violated the law. the bill will be introduced this week. it would require people to pass a background check, pay fines, and application fees to receive a permit. after 10 years, they would be able to apply for legal immigration status and an eventual path to citizenship. >> rick santorum is in the hospital. a spokesperson for the former pennsylvania senat
.c. area, from northern virginia, maryland, the district, who had finished by this stage or in the process of finishing. fortunately, we have not heard of any injuries from folks in this area. we spoke last night to a member of a, montgomery county road runners. dan lives in rockville. he had finished a while before the bombs went off and he was in a bar block and a half away when he heard what happened. some members of his group or nearby. he said you cannot imagine what this race means to runners anti worries now it will never be the same again. >> it is the last thing you expect. this is the super bowl of everything we do have to do with running. this is the world series of our event. people spend their entire lives trying to qualify for this event, they spend the entire year training after they do qualify. an important in the grand scheme of things. -- unimportant. >> you are looking in the direction of the square where the bombs went off yesterday. the fbi is leading the investigation. no word on when some of these streets will be reopened. this is a residential area. as i said, the g
. here at home, the average price for regular is $3.88 in d.c., $3.56 in maryland. predellas 46 cents in virginia. they expect prices to continue falling over the next couple weeks. >> the weather was perfect this weekend. especially for the conclusion of the national. >> more than 1 million people were there, providing a boost to tourism business in d.c. tom roussey shows how the crowd set records. >> it's always a busy time of year in d.c., but this year is outdoing itself. >> oh my gosh. >> she and her sisters from the midwest have noticed the crowd. it looks like everything is packed. street,ttigrew on 15th things have been nonstop. >> our business over the last few weeks has continued to be pretty much as busy as we can get. >> the general manager says they had big crowds before easter end the week after easter and this past week the crowds came back as the blossoms bloom. >> it has taken what would've been a very busy week or two and turned it into a busy month. >> between locals enjoy the nice weather and all the tourists and school trips, traffic has been nuts. seven days a we
. >> thank you for being with us. >>> still to come, the big gamble maryland is taking to improve finances. a look at how treasuries fared today. >>> hundreds of good-paying jobs, millions in tax revenue for city and states and the chance for people to win big. no wonder more states are building and opening new casinos or allowing existing ones to add live table games, like the one outside baltimore did earlier today. will maryland's big gamble pay off? eamon javers has the report. >> reporter: there were winners and losers on the first day of live table gaming in the baltimore suburbs. table games are new for maryland and owners of this casino are happy with day one. >> we promised a world-class casino, now we have all the elements. >> reporter: this casino was already doing 1$1.5 million a dy in revenue from slot machines, now they have new table games that number will go up by about 20% and they can deliver about 4$400 million a year in tax revenue to the state of maryland and also generating jobs for some of the local residents. >> i don't want to disappointment the customer. i want th
ride. the maryland bus company is facing more scrutiny after an accident in ohio. about a dozen new york city high school students were thrown from their seats when one of the company's charter buses overturned in columbus, ohio while returning from st. louis. fortunately no one suffered a serious injury. the cause of the crash is under investigation. the bus is operated by platinum magic carpet ride in waldorf, maryland. the man behind platinum once ran lydia bus tours which was closed down last year. >> they changed their colors. they're abc trucking company or bus company one day and xyz company the next day. >> the drivers and vehicles of platinum magic carpet ride have never been inspected. >>> jury deliberations are set to get under way in the murder trial of a philadelphia abortion provider. dr. kermit gosnell has been accused of killing four babies born alive after botched abortions. marley hall reports from philadelphia that gosnell could get the death penalty if he's convicted. >> reporter: lawyers in the murder trial after philadelphia abortion provider arrived at court t
-- 70. and i am following a crash. we will have details coming up on good morning maryland. >> just a reminder it's tax day and businesses are giving out freebies. go to smoky bones and give them the password cheesy refund and you will get free cheese cake bites. we will be right back. [ kool-aid man ] people don't realize it, but, my life isn't all cherry and sweetness. oh yeah? i put my pants on one leg at a time except my pants are 22 different flavors. and i wear them in my head. it takes work to look this good. but other than that, i'm completely normal. well, relatively normal. pretty sweet. [ male announcer ] try any of our 22 delicious flavors. smile. it's kool-aid. >>> one good thing about monday another dancing with the stars competition. we have to find the bright spots. tonight is the side by side challenge. each economytor -- competitor must perform alongside a pro dance couple. talk about pressure. and you can see how they do tonight at 8:00 right here on abc2. also starting today, you can enter for a chance to go see the final performance of dancing with the stars nex
maryland and here at home, we will see tighter security following the marathon explosions. there are no credible threats in maryland, police departments are stepping up patrols though, and team coverage begins with linda so. orioles are starting a lengthy home stand. what can fans expect from security? >> reporter: more security throughout the city and here at the ballpark if you plan to attend anyone of these games. the rays by the way, were in boston, playing the red sox hours before the explosion at the marathon. signal 88 had advice. first, be prepared. before a large event like a ball game rs coordinate with family and friends, specific meeting location and scout out a place too find cover. follow directions when you arrive at a crowded place go with a crowd and not against it. stay aware and create a habit of scanning the area for an emergency exhibit exit and let first responders care for victims. you can see heightened security. anthony bats ordered more police officers at sites including here at the ball game. =forú the games. the bnseries starts at 7:05. linda
system in maryland that doesn't require an employee contribution. that must change. >> her plan, now in the form of the bill, was introduced in city hall monday night. it includes a two percent salary boost for workers, but the workers union had said he would like to see a higher pay raise, because many workers cannot afford a pension contribution. >> their average salary is and $33,000.00 some of them are living paycheck to paycheck. with children in the household, they are >> at the poverty level. >>-- they are at the poverty level. cost-of-n monday, living increase at a flat rate for cash of 1.2% for retirees. nothing is a done deal yet. >> that is what we always do. we had here both sides and whatever is best for the city as a whole, that is what we do. >> the city also has a bill for a for a weight -- a 401(k)-style retirement plan for city employees. >> president obama is now 100 days into his second term, but how much progress has he made? the president is in answering tough questions about the battles in congress over money, guns, and immigration, as well as the boston terror
in the country. colorado, new york and maryland, have also recently passed tough new restrictions on gun ownership. but other states, including mississippi, arkansas, and tennessee, have enacted or are considering bills aimed at loosening rules on gun possession. the argument has spilled over on to the air waves. in connecticut, one ad featured parents who lost children at newtown's sandy hook elementary school. >> don't let the memory of newtown fade without doing something real. >> ifill: 11 of those relatives will bring their push for gun control to capitol hill tomorrow. they'll travel to washington with president obama aboard air force one tonight. for more on what is happening on capitol hill and in state capitols as well, we turn to ed o'keefe, who has been following the gun control debate for the "washington post." arkansas state representative charles collins, who sponsored legislation in little rock that allows gun owners to carry their weapons to church. and vinny demarco, president of marylanders to prevent gun violence, who helped win passage of that state's sweeping new gun
for it not unanimously but substantially in both houses. today, it is not just connecticut but maryland where democratic governor martin o'malley's reforms passed in february an passed the house yesterday, the vote was straight-61. the package had to bounce back -- 78-61. it had to bounce back and passed there tonight, and it's on its way back to the governor and we know he will sign it. it's a low threshold to submit a new law to the voters and give it a thumbs up or thumbs down. once the governor signs the law in maryland it will be put on hold a year so it can be voted on in the next election in november. in terms of that, all the policy in this bill is very popular. background check, assault weapons bans, limiting high capacity magazines, these are the measures that poll very loud among the public no matter how loud the threatening is from the minorities who disagree that don't want gun laws at all. we will see how they stand up when they get to the referendum next november. the reform package that will end up on the ballot consists of popular stuff. this is the democratic process playing out. the g
that could have stopped the attacks on the boston marathon. well, the boston attack has the maryland jockey club making security changes for this year's preakness stakes. fans will have to go through electronic wand searches may 17th andabyth. in addition, no backpacks or duffle bags will be allowed inside. we'll have much more on the changes coming up live at 5:00 on wjz. >>> our chilly, damp conditions stick around for another day. it's cloudy and cool with occasional drizzle. we want it to go away. wjz has weather and traffic together. meteorologist chelsea ingram is here with our updated weather and we'll talk to kristy in just a second. chlsy? >> thanks, everyone. we have reports of drizzle, haze, each fog. but it is much quieter today than it was this sometime yesterday. temperatures are still cool out there, around 61 degrees in washington. 57 in easton. but look at that, 67 degrees already in elkton. we'll be warming up to more of those kind of temperatures as we do tomorrow. but not until then. visible satellites show the good amount of clouds. you may have been lucky enough to see
. many are returning home to maryland today. some late last night. live complete coverage continues right now with adam may. adam? >> reporter: mary, i spent the day talking to numerous people, who were up in maryland, talking about the marathon in boston. since it's been 24 hours, the reality is hitting some of these people. they can't believe how cose they were to this trag -- close they were to this tragedy. >> what do you like about running? >> >> reporter: she has been a competitive runner since track team at university. but memories of her first boston marathon, now tarnished by the terror attack. >> i felt very nauseous. i thought, oh, my go, that could have been me. i could have been one of the people injured or helping other people. every timey see it -- time i see it on the news, it brings back memories of being at the finish line i was there. >> reporter: in fact, megan left just minutes earlier. when she and a friend heard the blast. >> we had just said goodbye. i had to get nigh -- my flight. and at first, we were like, they're celebrating the marathon. then we noticed the se
, getting a few sprinkles across parts of virginia and maryland. temperatures beginning to warm up. little sunshine trying to shine through in the forecast. northern virginia, district, prince george's, month gomry counties, most of those locations are right around 60 degrees. rockville is at 58. camp springs and upper marloboro, arlington, fairfax county. many locations beginning to climb into the low 60s. a look at the afternoon. we'll take a look at the week in a few minutes, barbara. >> thank you, tom. >> you may soon have a bit more breathing room at two of the bu busiest metro stations, gallery place china town and union station. news 4's megan mcgrath has the story. >> to keep up with the pace of ridership and to make sure everyone is safe while they wait for trains on the platforms, metro is making a number of improvements at the station. more studies need to be done. possibly widening platforms, creating larger mezzanines, wider escalators and elevators. riders think it sounds good. >> usually gets crowded between 9:00 in the morning. >> reporter: you think there needs to be chang
complete coverage continues with adam may, who speaks with more maryland runners who sprntsed the ter-- experienced the terror in boston firsthand. >> reporter: more than 140 marylanders were in boston, taking part in that race. many have come home and now tell me they are fortunate they made it back here without injuries. >> what do you like about running? >> i like that it's an individual sport. >> reporter: a competitive runner since her teens and a track team captain at towson university. but memories of her first boston marathon, now tarnished by the terror attack. >> i felt very nauseous. because i was just thinking, oh, my god. that could have been me. i could have been there. i could have been one of the people either injured or helping other people. and every time i see on the news, it just brings back those memories just, right there at the finish line, that i was there. >> reporter: in fact, megan left the area, just minutes earlier. when she and a friend heard the blast. >> we had to say goodbye. i had to get my flight. looked down the road, saw the smoke, heard the explos
. starting off this morning we have a few scattered showers around the metro area and into maryland and west virginia. moderate showers and most of that is going to stay to our south this morning. be prepared to get your umbrella. we'll have showers through the morning commute. we have wet pavement in prince north county and the district. storm team four high definition radar not picking up shower activity. to our south and in parts of north central virginia. right now the temperatures are in the mid and upper 50s around much of the region. that includes the nearby suburbs and near the chesapeake bay. here is how we are looking. through 10:00 scattered showers by 10:00. and by noon time 60s and cloudy. this evening in ten minutes let's look at traffic now. >> good morning. looking at the beltway right now no delays or incident is being reported. watch out for the pavement it can cause slick conditions. looking at route 109. no delays, all lanes are open. again here is 270 as you are getting off the spur onto the beltway back to you. >> the senate could vote as early as wednesday. few more re
rain we have around the metro area. as well as in virginia and maryland. in the green we are getting scattered showers. that is where it is coming down harder. close in view storm team radar shows scattered showers. prince george county southeast and southwest. here in northwest it is not reaching the ground. much of maryland just a very few scattered light showers. and temperatures right now are in the 50s here for the next couple of hours. and then warm up nicely. here is your morning and day ahead. we'll have the rain around during the afternoon and by tonight, still cloudy and down to the upper 50s. in ten minutes a look at traffic now good morning. >> good morning. tom. northbound 95 heavy take ldelay as you approach dumb frees. your dest alternate will be job lynn road. back to you. >> thank you. >> light rain is nothing compared to what we are seeing else wwhere this morning. spring snow storm is giving drivers a hard time right switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click
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